A Fortnight or 50 Years? The Legacy of the London Olympics

The scrutinize of sustainability is one that has a need of cropping taking place together in the midst of critics discuss the mega-project that is the 2012 Olympics.

Some 24 construction projects have already been completed, including a 537 million Olympic Stadium and 269 million Aquatics Centre. The much-touted Olympic Village that will flaming 17,000 athletes and officials from on extremity of 200 countries, meanwhile, has just been sold to the property company owned by Qatar’s royal associates at a loss of re 275 million.

So, as invincible swathes of East London are ‘regenerated’, large sums of allocation are varying hands. There has been an mood of staunch earnestness to the Olympic Park Legacy Company’s (OPLC) intentions to engender attainable long-term urban money in the works front, but many atmosphere the vision will wipe out out cold financial pressures p.s.-Games.

One matter that cannot be denied is that Stratford – and the greater East London place – has been commercially reinvigorated. After the closing ceremony of the Games, the Olympic Village itself will be repackaged, in addition to sporting dormitories turned into 2,818 flats and houses, even though 8,000 adjunct homes will be built in five new neighbourhoods as regards the Olympic Park when the adjacent ten years.

While some are scared very not quite generic apartment buildings springing taking place en masse, the OPLC has outlined plans for low-rise terrace and mews houses following gardens, eschewing at the forefront-mooted tall-density complexes. But once lonely half of these properties being described as ‘affordable’ by Triathlon Homes, some are wondering just what these ‘Olympic communities’ will resemble in years before.

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The construction centrepiece, meanwhile, should depart a lasting look. The Olympic Stadium will have a gift of 80,000 seats, making it the third-largest stadium in Britain astern Twickenham and Wembley. An axonometric view of the building reveals its layered composition, considering a demountable steel and genuine upper tier holding 55,000. It is the lightest Olympic Stadium gone reference to lp, utilising surplus gas pipes for the roof truss and a self-denying 10,000 tonnes of steel. A polythene wrap will encircle the stadium and will meet the expense of a ‘complimentary and memorable identity to the stadium’ according to Rod Sheard of architects Populous. Chemical company Dow are functioning upon repurposing the panels for after the Games.

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