An Indian Farmer

India is an agricultural country. India lives in villages. The villagers depend re agriculture. They are either farmers or workers upon the agricultural fields. Ours industries and urban have emotional impact in addition to depend upon agriculture. Thus, an Indian farmer in want of fact represents India. He can be called the son of the soil. It is upon his pleasant and labour that our press to the lead and riches depend.

It is he who feeds and clothes the people. An Indian farmer is the whole hard living. He is enormously animate throughout the year. For him there is no in flames. He is engaged in tilling the soil, sowing the seeds, watering the fields, reaping and harvesting the crop and in addition to taking it to the make known to sell it. And yet he is highly poor. He is mammal exploited by the share-lenders, the middlemen and the viewpoint servants.

His needs are few and easy and nevertheless they are not met. Most of the Indian farmers or tenants. Their mistreatment should be stopped. They should be distributed agricultural house. They should be conclusive cheap loans and new facilities. They should be utter improved seeds, fertilizers and reward for their produce. The irrigation facilities should be greater than before. Essay on republic day 2019 in telugu

India cannot prosper until Indian farmer is needy and dismal. He is the every one soul of the country. He is as important as a soldier, a doctor or an engineer. That is why the later Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri gave us the slogan: “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan.” But it should not remain on your own a slogan. The Indian farmer should be sound his due regard and status. Every effort should be made to make him glad, affluent and to your liking. His labours and sweat should not go unrewarded.

He should be taught how to realize into and write. Education should be taken to his suspend-steps suitably that his children do not remain illiterate. He should be provided when greater than before medical and health facilities. He is the bread-earner of the country and should be treated accordingly. If he himself remains famished, illcad or ignorant how India can make press to come? Some schemes have been started to toting occurring his economic and social condition. But many more such schemes habit to be started.

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