Asians and Australian Stake Claim For The Top 3 Spots of Design Genius

And furthermore there were three… Thartchaieni Singam from Malaysia, Vietnamese-Australian Tung Vu, and Jack Leeson from Australia, have outlasted the 6 auxiliary designers from across the globe vying for the distinction of becoming the neighboring Design Genius.

For four weeks, 9 occurring and coming designers from UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands, have been competing for a unplanned to win $20,000 cash prize and the title of ‘Design Genius.’ They have made impressive outfits and garnishing made from baby bottles, to garden hoses, and even edible items from the movie concession stand, staying genuine to the flora and fauna of the competition in ‘making the unimaginable, trendy.’ With crippling period constraints, obscure materials and unpredictable inspirations, designers have battled it out leaving three of the best fashion prodigies to compete for the inflexible idea spot.

Before the scuffle begins and the ammunitions arrive out, allocate us profit a unintended to know more not quite this wonderful trio who have outshined, outlasted and outsmarted 6 outstanding young person fashion designers.

Thartchaieni Singam (Malaysia)

“I high regard art. I chose fashion because you can make public your art in it. I’m frustrated. This is a to your liking opportunity for me to create something swing and unique.” – Thartchaieni Singam

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To declare ‘Chaieni is intriguing’ is a terrifying understatement. She speaks 6 every unconventional languages. She holds a issue degree from a Taiwanese University, a fashion degree from a Malaysian Institute and a haute couture degree from a Parisian Academy. She has worked subsequent to textiles in Germany, paraphernalia in Italy, designs in France and has even interned for the pleasant Lebanese designer, Elie Saab’s label. Her giggly personality will surely disarm the strengthen designers; and her intellect will outlast them.

Tung Vu (Australia)

“The fashion industry is either win or lose. There’s nothing in along between.” – Tung Vu

Tung Vu is an Australian fashion designer behind a Vietnamese migratory associates background. He has always wanted to become a high-subside fashion designer. Where he is today, compared to his deflate beginnings in Vietnam is a testament to Tung’s ‘realize or die’ drive to make a pronounce for himself in the fashion world. Tung is the person to watch out for. He’s not here to make connections; he’s here to win.

Jack Leeson (Australia)

“To be a design genius, you really way to think coarsely your feet. Think outdoor the crate, not progress the issue that you’ll expect to make a attain of.” – Jack Leeson

Fashion Design runs in Jack’s blood. His mother started a children’s-wear label by now he was born. With his recent degree in fashion from RMIT University in Melbourne, Jack is taking his legacy to the later level. This Aussie’s tall-concept designs have already been shown vis–vis the order of the airfield at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and highlighted at the Spring Racing Carnival. Jack admits he struggles as soon as nailing the length of just one design back he has thus many ideas, but his natural attainment to sew speedily always saves him.

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