Forex robots

Any trading robot has its own trading algorithm. It depends on the conditions under which the program will open trades in the market. It is known that there are no repetitions in Forex and the market is chaotic. It is not so. If you look at long periods of time, the economy of any country is sick, growing, getting to his feet – similar to man. Economic cycles are not visible on currency pairs, but are visible on indices.

The first type of free averaging robots puts the entire Deposit at risk, with a small potential profit. No competent speculator will use this type of robots for long-term work. Such robots are suitable only for dispersal of small deposits.

Indicator robots work best. They have a clear algorithm, and trade is exclusively on money management. In this article, we will look at several such robots. In contrast to the flat, grid robots don’t use technical analysis to trade opening, so the risk of trading can only afford traders, which account for more than $1,000.

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