India’s Neighbouring Countries

India, a colorful blazing of South-east Asia is an ultimate destination for vacation. It shares its be behind-door-door to bearing in mind some beautiful nations which are as vivid as India. Most of these gone to countries cultural, diplomatic and economical scenario are in imitation of that India as in ancient time some of them are share of India.

Here is a list of some of the adjoining countries of India:

Pakistan: As the make known reflects, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a Muslim dominated country. It has an heart wrenching chronicles of partition from India and the bloody massacre of 1947. Its chronicles plus contains political instability, military probe and wars behind India. Pakistan is one of the most incredible nation of South-east Asia, which is blessed when big beauty of Mother Nature such as lofty mountain peaks, verdant valleys, sealed rivers, all-powerful plains etc.

Tibet: Sometimes referred as “roof of the world”, Tibet is a tiny but disputed home located at the north of Himalayas. It is an autonomous region of China and mostly inhabited by indigenous Tibetan people, Monpas, Lhobas, Han and Hui, who are buddies of Buddhism. Tibet is the main habitat of Dalai Lama, the very revered spiritual guru of Buddhist community. Lhasa is the capital of Tibet. It is plus proficiently-known as an ideal site for adventure sports behind trekking, mountaineering, camping etc.

Nepal: Nepal is a pretty country, nestled in the lap of eastern Himalayan mountains. After a long bloody feat amid the Maoists and Nepali kingdom, Nepal now as the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. It is the home of world’s highest mountains, largest Shiva temple in the world, historic cities and forested plains. Nepal is by yourself Hindu country of the world. Majority of its citizens are Hindus and intimates of Lord Shiva. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and largest metropolitan city of the country. Nepal moreover gives enough of scope for mountaineering and trekking upon the glistening peaks of Himalayas. Essay on republic day 2019 in english

Butan: Bhutan is a tiny landlocked kingdom, located in the lap of Eastern Himalayas. Under the guiding philosophy of Gross National Happiness(GNH), Bhutan balanced modernization later its ancient culture and traditions. It is counted surrounded by one of the happiest country in world by Business Week. The largest city and capital of Bhutan is Thimpu. Its landscape ranges from subtropical plains to sub-alpine Himalayan heights.

Bangladesh: Bangladesh is bounded by India from north and was a portion of East Bengal until 1947. After that it became a wing of east Pakistan. It is an agricultural nation in which most of the people belongs to Muslim religion. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh.

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