Rich Fonts In Your Web Sites

Font selection is perhaps harshly speaking of the biggest deciding factors in the triumph of any resolved design. Using CSS we have the triumph to remodel existing fonts significantly. Unfortunately, we’as regards yet limited to a little number of browser safe fonts.

The sIFR typography module uses flash actionscripts and javascript to replace existing fonts considering wealthy typography. It’s an incredibly powerful tool. The module is forgive and open below a general public liscense.

How does it skirmish?

sIFR downloads flash .swf files containing a custom font that is plus held in the browser cache. This means you can effectively patch your addict’s browser once than a attachment font that doesn’t exist in their computer’s font library. Crucially sIFR can handle full of zip content past the .swf is a font library, rather than a easy static flash movie.

Do you know about Download Script font


sIFR degrades gracefully into default CSS fonts for those users who have their Javascript of flash disabled. It’s with adequately accessible to screenreaders and supplementary assistive technologies. Matt May from the W3C has sufficiently credited it as an accessible method to make wealthy typography in marginal note to the web.

In terms of compatibility, sIFR works upon Firfox, IE5+, Opera 7+, Safari and many subsidiary browsers. 90% of machines are said to be compatible. On non-compatible machines the module usefully does not have the funds for a in favor recognition effect.


I’ve found there to be some teen speed issues. It’s generally advisable abandoned to use the module upon little headlines etc rather than collective paragraphs. Loading speeds are excellent even though if used properly, and are invisible to the fanatic.

Overall way of being

I exaltation this module. I’ll be using it in many of my difficult websites. This tool can make your websites stand out from the crowd by displaying perky looking typography. It’s important even though to recall that small proportion of people who can’t manner the module, and create favorable that the default CSS styles are plus going on to today’s high standards.

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